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Began her acting career in 1997 starring in the soap opera “Samantha” produced by Venevision in her native Venezuela, positioning it as one of the actresses in major leading role of melodrama. Thanks to her histrionic capabilities this beautiful actress has walked all professional scenarios acting as telenovelas, film, theater and TV, thus developing her acting career mainly in Mexico and the U.S. Hispanic market. The most outstanding productions in her career were:


  • Samantha (International Television) from 1997 to 1999
  • Infierno en el paraiso (Televisa) 1999-2000
  • Estamos Unidos (Univision) 2000-2001
  • Mambo y Canela (TV) 2002
  • Secreto de Amor (International Television) 2001
  • Amor sin maquillaje (Televisa) 2005
  • Hasta que el dinero nos separe (Televisa) 2008
  • Atrevete a Sonar (Televisa) 2009
  • Serie “La Pantera” (Televisa) and transmitted in various channels as Unicable 2008
  • Serie Simuladores (Televisa-Sony) 2009 series
  • Addicts (Televisa) 2010


In film, she has participated in productions like I Love Miami for HBO, in Billboard Mexican Angel o Demonio, Cansada de Besar Sapos (Disney) In Theatre has featured in the Broadway musical HAIRSPRAY mounted Mexico City, in romantic comedy Un amante a la medida, in 2011 with the staging Los Alacranes under the direction of Humberto Zurita and Mi amiga la gorda in 2012.


From the age of 14, Alicia has developed her talent as a performer and composer of two musical materials of the Country El pais de las maravillas (2005) and Malicia (2009) creditor making two Grammy nominations and Billboard Awards.


She has been the face of various commercial of international prestige And guest host of international and major galas as Grammys, Billboards, Emmy Awards, Premios Lo Nuestro, ACE New york, ASCA LA, Premios TV y Novelas, Miss Mexico, Miss Venezuela, Miss Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Miss Egypt, Miss Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand among others.


Alicia, as an actress, has had special performances for The American market in shows like The Nanny, TV shows and Budweiser commercial. Considered a strong character and charismatic personality, is one of the best known and beloved latinamerican artists. Her acting development in different genres as drama, comedy, farce, action, has placed her as a chameleonic and versatile actress.


Alicia has also been the recipient of several awards acting as ACE Award (New York) Lead Actress in Samantha, the MIDIA in Spain award for Best Actress for Samantha, the Golden Eagle (Venezuela) for lead actress in Hell in the Paradise and several important nominations for the Emmy Awards We are united series for the Hispanic market in the U.S., and the series “simulators” for Sony.


In 2010 stars with the character of “Candela”, in the soap opera “Una familia con suerte” a Juan Osorio’s production under the Televisa’s label work , which also has earned her several awards from critics, being nominated by TV y Novelas magazine in the short list of the best co-star of 2012.


In this same year was called to participate in the Show "Mira Quien Baila", demonstrating his excellent dancing and earning them the love the public who baptized as "The Sentimental participant" in the prestigious competition.


And in 2013, Alicia again starring in a new series, "The Madame", giving life to "Madame Rochy" a very controversial anns 90, it is the most famous pimp of all time that serviced Political and Colombian society personalities and the story is based on real life facts


2013 will mark undoubtedly one of the highlights of her career since she will participate in a play, a soap opera and a film project that will mark her return to the big screen in the international market.



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