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Miss Universe 1996, began his acting career professionally in 1997 starring "Samantha" telenovela produced by Venevision in his native Venezuela, positioning it as one of the leading actresses in leading role of melodrama. Thanks to the histrionic capabilities with this beautiful actress has ever walked scenarios all professionals acting as telenovelas, cinema, theater and TV; thus developing his acting career mainly in Mexico and Hispanic Market USA. The 2015 mark without doubt one of the highlights of his career and participate in a drama, a soap opera and a film project that will mark his return to the big screen in the international market.

The Image


He has been the face of various commercial campaigns prestige internationally and guest host of major galas as Grammys, Billboards, Emmy Awards, Premios Lo Nuestro, ACE New york, ASCA LA, awards TV and novels, Miss Mexico, Miss Venezuela, Miss Colombia , Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Miss Egypt, Miss Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Show "Mira Quien Baila", where it always was outlined as one of the favorites of the audience reaching for their effort until the final, also put his personal touch in the last edition of Nuestra Belleza Latina physically and mentally preparing the contestants participating in the Univision reality show and demonstrating today is the dearest Miss and remembered by the public as Universe since 1996 which was the year his coronation provided the public has been aware . Today, Alicia Machado graces the cover of the edition of 25 powerful women in People in Spanish.



Las producciones más destacadas en su carrera han sido: Samantha (Televisión internacional) 1997-1999, Infierno en el paraíso (Televisa) 1999-2000, serie Estamos Unidos (Cadena Univisión) 2000-2001, Mambo y Canela (Televisión) 2002, Secreto de Amor (Televisión Internacional) 2001, Amor sin Maquillaje (Televisa) 2005, Hasta que el dinero nos separe (Televisa) 2008, Atrévete a soñar (Televisa) 2009, El Pantera Serie (Televisa) y transmitida en varios canales como Unicable 2008, Simuladores serie (Televisa-Sony) 2009, Adictos serie (Televisa) 2010.


Y en el 2013,  Alicia nuevamente protagoniza una nueva serie, "La Madame",  Dando vida a "Madame Rochy" un personaje muy controversial de los años 90, se trata de la proxeneta mas famosas de todos los tiempos que prestaba servicios a Políticos  y personalidades de la sociedad Colombiana y la historia es basada en hechos de la vida real

The Singer


From the age of 14, Alicia has developed his talent as a performer and composer of two musical materials The Wonderland (2005) and Malice (2009) creditor making two Grammy nominations and Billboard Awards.


Music has been an essential part of his career as he has had the opportunity to combine their activities in film, theater and television in this 2014 recorded a new song "Misunderstood" with which he sang before more than 70,000 people at the carnival Charlotte where he received recognition for his career and for being the dearest Miss Universe Hispanic audiences.



The business has always been one vein dedication in his professional world especially with his line of cosmetics and its perfume and recently Malice Mine is currently the # 1 fragrance Zermatt perfume distributor in Mexico and the United States, soon also preparing to launch a line of jeans designed especially for women. I invite you to visit my Online Store to enjoy the pleasure of buying any of my products from the comfort of your home and the most competitive prices, quality and delivery times you deserve.



He has also been the recipient of several theater awards as the ACE (New York) award for leading actress Samantha; MIDIA Spain the prize for Best Actress for Samantha; Golden Eagle (Venezuela) for Lead Actress in a Hell in Paradise and several important nominations EMMY awards for the series are linked to the Hispanic market in the American Union and the "Simulator" series by Sony.


As an actress, she has had guest appearances for the American market in shows like The Nanny; television shows and commercials as Budweiser. Considered a character of intense and charismatic personality, is one of the best known and beloved artists in Latin America. Her acting development in different genres such as drama, comedy, farce, action, has placed as a chameleonic and versatile actress. - Copyright © 2014 - All Rights Reserved

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